Meet Maggie, the groomer at The Cat's Meow. She's been grooming cats-only since 2004, but has prior experience on both cats and dogs coupled with 10 years in a cat-only vet facility. Maggie knows a cat inside and out. She can read cat body language and spot indications of high stress levels. Although she's groomed both cats and dogs in the past, she's come to be very passionate about cat grooming in particular and has dedicated her work to felines only.

While cats are typically exceptional self cleaners, all cats should be bathed at least once a year. Over time, oils build up on the skin that their tongues can't take care of by themselves. For cats who don't groom themselves or have issues with matting, hairballs, or dander should be bathed more often to help reduce or eliminate the problem.


Grooming Rates:

Short Hair Cats: $50

Long Hair Cats: $75

Nails and Sanitary Cuts: $15

*Capstar Flea Medication: $10

Pricing may vary if the cat's coat is in poor condition.


*Any cat found with fleas will immediately be administered Capstar, which kills all adult fleas on contact for 24 hours. Your cat will still need a flea treatment as it does not kill flea eggs, but this prevents fleas from spreading in our facility. 

   Most grooming at vets or chain pet stores involves your cat being face to face with other upset cats, or even dogs, while they're on the grooming table. Grooming at The Cat's Meow is comparable in price to chain pet stores and provides a much more peaceful environment for your cat. Cats being groomed will not see any other cats until the grooming process is finished.

   Our groom room comes equipped with a pheromone diffuser, which produces a "happy cat smell". If your cat needs to be dropped off early or picked up a bit late, we will accommodate them in one of our boarding suites with a litter box and water until you return. We do not sedate cats.



Grooms are appointment only, call to schedule.


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